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Your Wedding. A moment that must be captured forever… and with the right photographer you can capture the little things, long after you've forgotten them so you can relive those precious moments forever. This is what I can offer. 

I have a unique style that sets me apart from the thousands of other photographers out there. It's difficult to compare photography and you need someone you can trust. You can only recognise great photography when a photograph makes you feel something special. My photographs are all about atmosphere, emotions, style and fun!

I love to take natural wedding photographs and believe that it's vital that the experience is enjoyable – if not it won’t show in your photographs. I have a relaxed but organised approach to the day. I know how you’ll be feeling and will be there to help you through as much as I possibly can. Your wedding day is about you, it's not a photoshoot to be dominated by a photographer, and my job is to capture your day with minimum fuss and creating your timeless memories. I will give you as much or little direction as you require during specific parts of your wedding day, so you get the results you want. Photographs can be completely out of the ordinary and also beautifully touching and intimate. I enjoy being involved in the moment and getting alongside the people and the places I shoot, without getting in the way or dictating the situations. Beautifully natural yet strikingly composed photos.

I'm not limited to a particular genre of photography, I will fuse modern contemporary, fashion styles with reportage and traditional styles. Taking my inspiration from classic street photographers and photojournalists across the globe, I love to photograph weddings and see it as a privilege to be involved in your special day.  I will photograph your wedding in a documentary reportage way, telling the true story of it in pictures.

I am based in the beautiful Garden of England, Kent, which enables me to easily travel anywhere to provide beautiful, creative wedding photography all over the UK and beyond for clients ranging from contemporary couples who want to infuse some laid back creativity into their photographs to quirky wedding photography and those looking for a more traditional approach​. ​

I love all kinds of weddings and civil partnerships, from the alternative to the traditional. Whatever the style of your day I’ll work with you to create an experience unique to you, and I promise to make sure it’s enjoyable and stress-free.

Contact me    Email: sandramsorensen@gmail.com  Tel: 07960672209